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Typical setup for students
Common space (for seminars, parties and everything)
Common space has many purposes.
White board is essential for high quality research.
We do hike during the lab camp.
Undergraduates also work on sounds.

Aug 2010 VERSAMUS Project in Renne, France 7 of us participated in the VERSAMUS workshop in Rennes, France, for four days from August 17 with METISS group of INRIA Rennes who are jointly working with us on music signal processing. 4 of us stayed longer to continue the joint work. Almost simultaneously, Miyabe and T. Ono participated in IWAENC2010 in Tel Aviv, Isarael, M. Nakano participated in ICML2010 in Kittila, Finland, and visited Tampere later, and Takeuchi went to Victoria, Canada, for a joint project. Thus, we spent the busiest month in August ever.
Aug 2010 ISMIR2010 in Utrecht, The Netherlands Sagayama, Ono, Raczynski and Rump participated in ISMIR2010 (2010 International Sciety of Music Information Retrieval Conference) held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, during August 11--14, 2010, and presented papers. Ono delivered a tutorial as a lecturer of ISMIR.
July 2010 SMC2010 in Barcelona, Spain 4 of us participated in SMC2010 (2010 Sound and Music Computing Conference) held in Barcelona, Spain, from July 21 to 24 and presented technical papers.
June 2010 "Job wel-done" party A party was held in June 3 for celebrating the successful lab intern for tow month (April and May) by 5 senior students.
May 2010 May Festival May Festival of the University of Tokyo was held in May 29 and 30. The lab was open to the visitors and proved very popular among them.
May 2010 情報理工入試説明会 5月22日に、平成23年度に入学を希望する学生を対象とした入試説明会が行われました。
Apr 2010 歓迎会 4月19日に、前期実験生、修士課程に入学する方の歓迎会が行われました。
Mar 2010 送別会 3月30日に、卒論生、修士課程を卒業する方の送別会が行われました。
Mar 2010 ICASSP2010参加 in Dallas, TX, USA 信号処理分野で最高峰の国際会議 ICASSP2010 では、当研究室からは論文6件が採択され(快挙!)、嵯峨山、小野、伊藤、北野、角尾、橘、上田が米国ダラスで開催された国際会議に参加し、研究発表を行いました。
Mar 2010 Microsoft訪問 in Redmond, WA, USA Dallas で開催された ICASSP2010 の途上に、Redmond にあるマイクロソフトの研究所を訪問し、見学して、研究講演を行いました。
2009 Others in preparation Sorry not done yet for farewell parties, welcome parties, openhouse, ICASSP2009 (Taipei, Taiwan), lab camp (Tateyama), WASPAA2009 (Mohonk, USA), ISMIR2009 (Kobe, Japan), CrestMuse Symposium (Kyoto), ASJ Conference (Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan), etc.
Feb 2009 NEMA workshop 開催 NEMA (Networked Environments for Music Analysis) workshop was held on February 26 by researchers from Japan, Europe, USA, and Australia and exchanged acievements in music information processing.
Jan 2009 Dr. Smaragdis, Prof. Evangelista, Prof. de Cheveigne 滞在 1月19日〜31日の期間、Adobe Systems Inc. から音源分離の分野で有名な Dr. Paris Smaragdis を招き、また、1月28日〜2月5日の期間、共同研究先の ENS (Ecole Normale Superieure) の Prof. Alain de Chevaigne を学位審査員として招き、同時期にスエーデン Link"oping 大学の Prof. Gianpaolo Evangelista にも滞在して頂きました。
Dec 2008 Prof. Chin-Hui Lee Prof. Chin-Hui Lee of Goergia Tech stayed for more than a month and discussed a lot about research everyday with lab members. The photos were taken in a drinking party.
Sep 2008 ISMIR2008参加 in Philadelphia, PN, USA 9月14〜18日に米国 Philadelphia で開催された ISMIR2008 (ISMIR2008 (2008 International Conference on Music Information Retrieval) に4人(嵯峨山、小野、ラチンスキ、角尾)が参加しました。(角尾くんは海外研修先のカナダから)
Sep 2008 日本音響学会参加 in 福岡 9月10〜12日に福岡市の九州大学芸術工学部大橋キャンパスで開催された 日本音響学会に参加し、8件の発表をしました。博多は食べ物が何でもおいしく、 夕食は盛り上がりました。
Sep 2008 伊豆大島で夏合宿 恒例の夏合宿は、今年は伊豆大島。夜行船で行って、現地に一泊。三原山ハイキング、サイクリング、水泳など楽しみました。スケジュールが一杯詰まっている時期で、参加者10人はちょっと寂しかったけど。
May 2008 入試説明会と進学見学会 5月31日(土)に開催された大学院情報理工学系研究科の入試説明会と、 同日開催された駒場学生向けの応用物理学系学科(物理工学と計数工学)見学会。 大勢の参加者で賑わい、入学後の具体的なテーマの議論などもありました。
Apr 2008 ICASSPS2008 We presented 4 papers in ICASSP2008 held in Las Vegas, NV, USA during Mar. 30 - Apr. 4. We were pleased to talk to many interested participants. The city of Las Vegas itself was interesting in many ways.
Apr 2008 Commencement 5 students of our lab successfully obtained their Master degrees. All of their works were highly appreciated to mark all higher than the average of the department.
Apr 2008 ASJ Conference 9 papers were presented from our lab in the ASJ 2008 Spring Conference. Hirokazu Kameoka (currently with NTT Labs) received Awaya Memorial Award for his work done in our lab.
Feb 2008 SIGMUS + SIGSLP During Feb. 8-9, SIG on Music Science and SIG on Spoken Language Processing were jointly held in Ito Hot Spring, Shizuoka. Miyamoto attracted participants with a nice demonstration of "separation of percussive and harmonic sounds."
Nov 2007 Collaboration with industry We collaborate with industrial companies. These photos were taken in a joint seminar with a company.
Oct 2007 MMSP2007 Ono participated in MMSP2007 (MMSP2007 - International Conference on Multimedia Signal Processing, Chania, Crete, Greece, October 1-3, 2007) held in Crete, Greece and presented a poster.
Sep 2007 Farewell party for an IAESTE Intern Student Farewell party was held for Øyvind Berg, an IAESTE intern student, who stayed with us during August and September and built "Orpheus System" for automatic music composition. The system was open to the public for 1.5 months at Komaba Museum.
Sep 2007 ISMIR20072007 Sagayama and Stasiu (Raczynski) participated in ISMIR2007 held in Vienna, Austria, on 9/23-9/27. Stasiu presented a paper on Harmonic Non-negative Matrix Analysis. Enjoyable trip in the city of music and history.
Sep 2007 Lab Camp Every year, we have a lab camp to enjoy together outdoor activities as well as technical discussions with drinks. Antti (Sonninen) came over to Tokyo from Finland and immediately joined our lab camp. This time, we chose Nasu as the destination. Thanks to a marvelous weather, we had a really good trip.
Sep 2007 ICA2007 Ono and Izumi participated in ICA2007 held in London, UK, on 9/9-9/12. Izumi presented a poster on SASSEC(Stereo Audio Source Separation Evaluation Campaign). Enjoyed a high density of technical discussions.
Aug 2007 SIGMUS Symposium Four people plus two alumni participated in SIGMUS Symposium held in Nagasaki on 8/1-3 to present 3 papers and 2 talks in a panel discussion. Miyamoto got the Best Presentation Prize.
Apr 2007 ICASSP2007 Three of us participated in ICASSP2007 held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, on 4/17-20 to present 3 papers. Really a nice place to visit.
Mar 2007 Celebrating new PhD, Mater, and Bachelors A party on Mar 1 celebrating good achievements of the lab in the year. Both Kameoka and Saito were selected as the best PhD and Master students of the department, respectively, and awarded Dean's Prizes. Also, all of three undergraduates presented their research results in the ASJ conference. Altogether, we celebrated our good success of the year and welcomed Guillaume who joined us from ENS, Paris, France, and stayed for 5 months.
Feb 2007 Seminar class "Music Signal and Information Processing" We held a seminar class on "music signal and information processing" for 12 students (1st and 2nd year undergraduate students) selected from a number of applicants. Matsumoto, Morooka and Nakatsuma were assigned as Teaching Assistants and worked on "Chord Tuner," "Computer Singing," and "Automatic Music Composition."
Nov 2006 ASA/ASJ Joint Meeting ASA(Acoustical Society of America)/ASJ(Acoustical Society of Japan) Joint Meeting was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA in Nov. 28 - Dec. 02. Four members participated in the meeting from our lab. All of our presentations attracted participants' interests.
Sep 2006 Lab Camp in Kawaguchi Lake In the end of September, we had a Lab Camp event featuring hiking together through Ashiwada-yama hill of great views on the second day. Mt. Fuji showed its entirety to us on the 3rd day.
Aug 2006 Visitors from Taiwan On August 16, Prof. Berlin Chen and students from Taiwan visited us to have enthusiastic discussions on speech technology.
Jul 2006 Project for juniors On July 12, junior students presented the results of their project started in May.
Jul 2006 Meeting for UT-Industry Collaboration On July 3, there was an special event for industries to meet the researchers from the University of Tokyo where Prof. Sagayama gave a talk and Takeda presented a demonstration of automatic music accompaniments.
May 2006 IPSJ Paper Award Received the 2006 Paper Award from the Institute of Information Processing of Japan for our paper on "Lossless Coding of Multichannel Signals using Inter-channel Correlation" by Kamamoto, Moriya, Nishimoto and Sagayama.
May 2006 ICASSP2006 Participated in the workshop "New Ideas in Hearing" in Paris and in IEEE ICASSP2005 in Toulouse, France. (Sagayama, Ono, Kameoka, and Le Roux)
Apr 2006 Welcome party for undergraduates A welcome party for three undergraduate students and Suido, a master-course student who joined our lab in April. Ex-professor Moriya joined us and made the party really enjoyable.
Mar 2006 Farewell and welcome party Party at a Taiwanese restaurant in Kinshicho. Really interesting vegetarian foods made from beans and mushrooms surprisingly looking-alike and tasting-alike to meats and fish.
Dec 2005 Dr. Alain de Cheveigne's visit Dr. Alain de Cheveigne from ENS/CNRS in Paris visited us on December 13 and had a talk and discussion with us.
Nov 2005 Gunma College of Technology Students' technical visit from Gunma College of Technology on November 25.
Nov 2005 Lab Openhouse Department openhouse as a part of class given by our department in Komaba Campus.
Oct 2005 Joint Workshop with TUM Joint workshop on Human-Machine Interactive Communications of the University of Tokyo and Technical University Munich as part of "Germany Year in Japan" on October 5.
Oct 2005 Kameoka received Yamashita Memorial Award Hirokazu Kameoka in the third year of doctoral program at our lab received Yamashita Memorial Award from the Institute of Information Processing of Japan on October 14 in the opportunity of SIGMUS (Special Interest Group meeting in Music Science) held in Tokyo Denki University. His lecture in this occasion was highly appreciated and memorized as one of best days of our lab.
Sep 2005 Lab camp Lab camp was held at the University Guest House in Kemigawa from September 30 till October 2. The main purpose was to study hard.
Sep 2005 ISMIR2005 Sagayama, Kameoka and Saito participated in ISMIR2005 held in London, UK, in September 12-15.
Sep 2005 Eurospeech2005 Sagayama, Nishimoto, Le Roux participated in Interspeech-2005 / Eurospeech-2005 held in Risbon, Portugal, in September 5-8.
Aug 2005 Visitors from Taiwan Prof. Lin-Shan Lee and other members of the speech technology project visited our lab.
Aug 2005 Prof. Chin-Hui Lee's visit Prof. Chin-Hui Lee from Georgia Tech visited our lab and discussed the new vision over speech recognition technology.
Aug 2005 Openhouse for High School Students In the Openhouse for High School Students, we presented "Computer that understands music and that talks with humans" to eight groups (10 students each).
Jul 2005 Prof. Biing-Hwang Juang's visit Prof. Biing-Hwang Juang from Georgia Tech gave a talk with a title "Making Machines Talk and Listen - Why it is still interesting" and visited our lab on July 15.
May 2005 Guidance for applicants to our graduate school Guidance was held for applicants for the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology of the UT on May 21. Photos include general guidance, guidance by individual departments and introduction to labs. Our department had as many as 95 visitors. (Sagayama, Sako, Kameoka, Saikachi and Saito participated in the guidance.)
May 2005 Dr. Frank Soong's visit Dr. Frank Soong from Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China, visited our lab on May 11 and discussed our future collaboration.
Mar 2005 Farewell and welcome party Had a party on March 29 to send off Adjunct Professor Moriya and three masters and to welcome a master-course student and four Kenkyusei (Research Student) including three international students.
Mar 2005 HSCMA20005, ICASSP2005 Participated in IEEE Joint Workshop on Hands-Free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays (New Brunswick, NJ) and ICASSP2005 (2005 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)(Philadelphia, PA) held during March 18-25 in New Jersey, the United States and presented technical papers.
Mar 2005 Prof. Rigoll visits our lab Prof. Gerhardt Rigoll visited our lab from Technological University Munich. After his lab tour and talk on interesting on-going research being done in his lab, we went to a fantastic Japanese restaurant named "Han-tei" in Nedzu. (Participants: Sagayama, Nishimoto, Sako, Ozeki, and Kamamoto).
Jan 2005 Speech Conference at UT We hosted the Speech Technology Conference on January 27 and 28. Inoue, Chandra, and Saikachi of our lab presented their papers.
Dec 2004 Year-Ending Party As a nice Japanese tradition, lab members had a Year-Ending Party with ex-members and new comers a Persian restaurant near Nippori and ate an interesting mixture of Persian, Turkish, Iranian and Uzbekistan cousines which we found really good though inexpensive. Seated on carpets and dressed with ethnic clothing by the funny restaurant owner, we had a really exciting time.
Oct 2004 Barcelona Two of us participated in ISMIR2004 (International Symposium on Music Information Retrieval) held in Barcelona, Spain. A great opportunity to get acquainted with the music information processing area and the researchers.
Oct 2004 Jeju, Korea Three of us participated in SAPA2004 (Statistical and Perceptual Audio Processing) and/or ICSLP2004 (International Conference on Spoken Language Processing) held in Jeju, Korea. Our 4 presentations attracted great interests of the audience. No comments on local foods.
Sep 2004 Okinawa, Japan Five of us participated in Semi-Annual Conference of ASJ (Acoustical Society of Japan). Appreciated Okinawa-local food as well as Shuri-Jo (a world heritage).
Sep 2004 Lab Camp in Izu Two-night stays in Izu. Recreation in the daytime and seminar in the evening with drinks. An enjoyable travel.
Jun 2004 In the Lab Discussion in the lab. Talking about relationship between fuzzy k-means clustering algorithm and EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture model to find them essentially same.
May 2004 ICASSP2004 Participated in ICASSP2004 held in Montreal, Canada, and presented a paper. Nice town, nice season, and nice people.
Mar 2004 Farewell & Welcome Party Party in Ikebukuro. 4 undergraduate and 4 graduate students finished their theses. and were about to leave the lab. Two of them remained at the same lab and 1 master course student and 1 research associate joined the lab.
Jan 2004 SWIM2004 Participated in SWIM2004 held in Maui, Hawaii, USA. To commemorate Prof. Itakura's retirement from Nagoya University, numerous world-eminent researchers got together and praised the great work done by him. Talks about the history of speech research were given by people who themselves created the history of speech research. (Sagayama, Yamamoto)
Aug 2003 21th-Century COE Symposium We had Symposium on Real-World Information Systems held by the Real-World Information Systems Project as one of activities of 21th-Century COE. Prof. Sagayama served as the chair of the symposium. All members worked as the symposium staff. Lab openhouse had numerous visitors.
Aug 2003 Summer Camp in Nikko 2-night stay in Nikko, one of world heritages. Walked together from Yumoto hot spring, through Senjogahara heights, to Ryuzunotaki. Had a seminar in the evening. Also visited Toshogu.
Aug 2003 SIGMUS IPSJ We hosted a regular conference of SIG-MUS (music science) of IPSJ for tow days having a lot of participants in sessions, discussion, party, and openhouse. Kameoka got an award.
Apr 2003 Cherry blossoms in Ueno Walked altogether around Ueno Park in a fine day.
Mar 2003 Farewell Party 3 Bachelors + 1 Master + 1 associate professor graduated. 3 Master course student + 1 doctoral course student joined us.
Feb 2003 Lab Party Just successfully finished master's and bachelor's defense.
Feb 2003 Visitors Prof. Mari Ostendorf (University of Washington, U.S.A.), Dr. Daniel Hirst (Universite de Provence, France), Dr. Elmar Noeth (Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany).
Dec 2002 Speech and Language Symposium 4-th Annual Symposium on Speech and Language (sponsored by SLP, SP, and NLC) held at the University of Tokyo hosted by our lab.
Dec 2002 MMSP 2002 IEEE 2002 International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP02). Held in a Caribbean island. Iguanas seen at the seashore. Sagayama and Takeda participated to present a paper.
Dec 2002 Visitor Dr. Frank Soong (Dec. 02, Bell Labs + ATR Speech Translation Labs)
Oct 2002 Campus of the UT Inside the campus of the University of Tokyo. Eng. Blg. #6 (where we have labs), Eng. Garden and the big ginkgo, Law Blg. #1 and #2, Yasuda Hall, Main Library
Oct 2002 Visitors Prof. Bastiaan Kleijn, KTH (Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan), Sweden, Oct 4, 2002; Prof. Jean-Paul Haton, LORIA/INRIA, France, Oct. 7, 2002
Jun 2002 Visitors Dr. Takehiro Moriya, NTT, and
Prof. Huseyin Abut, San Diego State University, USA, 19 June 2002.
May 2002 Party A beer party at Hongo 3-chome, together with Prof. Shin's Lab
Apr 2002 Views from the lab Views from the lab. Discussing the research subject for the 4-th grade undergraduates

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